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Stardust Collection by Ten Image Professional

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Stardust Collection by Ten Image Professional

A collection inspired by colours of rose gold and earth tones that convey the luxury of simplicity. Colours that awaken, calm and tranquillity for a time in which pampering and caring for one’s self becomes a gift to enjoy.

This set is designed to give to our most loved ones and with them celebrate the entrance to a time of hope and good fortune.

Git Set Contains:

Second Skin Terra – Jewel Sensation (£28) a new formula enhanced with jojoba oil repowered with powder of 6 minerals and precious stones: amber, ruby, jade, tourmaline, amethyst and coral. With energizing properties that stimulate blood micro-circulation and unify skin tone. A luxury product designed to gently contour the face giving it a rejuvenating satin effect. A jewel make-up that also allows us to give a highlight to the Cupid’s bow or create natural shading.

Satin Eyeliner – Lush Meadow (£5) in its mini size version. A very creamy, easy-to-blend, long-lasting satin finish eyeliner in a super intense blue-green hue. You can make defined outlines, apply it on the waterline or create sophisticated smokes.

Blink Blink Mascara (£20) is a mascara with a creamy texture and waterproof finish that is inspired by fireworks and that gives us the entrance to a new year full of emotions.

Velvet Lipstick – Chocolate Opal (£20) takes its name from a mineral in a chocolate brown tone with reddish undertones. A long-lasting matte liquid lipstick with a precision applicator. Can be applied evenly for an intense colour effect or by dabbing with the fingertips for a bitten lip effect. The perfect lipstick to show off perfect makeup even using a face mask.

Jewel Nail Polish Mini – Chocolate Diamond (£6) is the long-lasting nail polish of great hardness and exceptional shine that is inspired by the sparkle of this exclusive jewel: the chocolate diamond. A very flattering brown tone for both light and brown skin that does is free of toxins and doesn’t turn the nail yellow.

Glitter Top Coat Mini – Stardust Rosé (£7) is a high-shine top coat rose gold glitter with multi-colour sparkles. Apply it to give a subtle glitter effect, create sophisticated designs or discover the full glitter effect by making two layers of stardust rosé top coat. It will be like wearing stardust on your nails!



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