Ten Image Professional – Eye Contour Serum


Serum specifically formulated for the eye contour area. New formula with 93% natural ingredients. Wrinkles decrease 16% in 2 months · Lifting effect.

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This moisturising anti-wrinkle contour serum is specifically for the skin around the eyes. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and minimises bags and dark circles. Thanks to its natural ingredients, it hides expression marks and brings uniformity to the face. It brightens the skin and gives it smoothness, giving it a healthier appearance.

Formulated with a high concentration of Caffeine, which, applied topically, has toning effects, promoting micro-circulation and reducing fluid retention.

Contains Eyeseryl, which is a synthetic with anti-edematous properties, Caffeine, an outstanding ingredient against eye bags and dark circles, Skinecture that acts on the skin’s structure. Glycerin by retaining water, nourishes the skin facilitating the penetration of the cream. This ingredient is very suitable for dry skin Propanediol which is a moisturising, emollient and solvent agent.

How to use:
Apply night and day before the final cream around the eye contour. It can also be used on the upper lip, in expression lines of the rictus and between the eyebrows.

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