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Learn how to professionally work in the fascinating world of Casualty SFX Makeup for Theatre, Film and TV with our Intermediate 5-day Casualty SFX Makeup Artist Course. This intensive training will build your skills in SFX Makeup as well as introduce new techniques, applications and products.

Seventa Makeup Academy delivers the most current and essential skills required to work in the SFX Makeup industry.

|| All equipment and products you need are supplied on this course and are yours to keep || Access to tutors and industry professionals through our mentoring program || Maximised Learning 1-to-1 Personalised Course or Small Group Classes Sizes || Join our Award-Winning Makeup School in London || Courses taught by Industry and Award-Winning Experts ||


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This particular course is offered either as Classroom Based Learning or Live Remote Learning.

Classroom based learning means you will attend the academy in person to participate on your course.

Live Remote Learning Course ie. outside the classroom (at home) means you do not attend the course at the academy but attend via a series of live video meetings working with your Tutor and SFX Makeup Kit, that we will provide and send to you before your course commencement date.

Current and Future students will both be able to have access to either Classroom Based Learning or Live Remote Learning on courses where it is available.


This course is offered over 5 Day Sessions and offers specialised SFX makeup artistry training through personalised 1-on-1 sessions, maximising your learning experience.

This course is also offered in small groups of up to 4 students. Check the course enrolment section down below for dates of our small group class sessions.

We require a minimum of two participants for courses that offer small group sessions before the course can proceed. If you’re interested in enrolling in a small group session of your chosen course, you can join our waitlist which starts the matching process to match your availability with the availability of others who wish to enrol in the same course.

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£2237 GBP Personalised 1-on-1 session / Live Remote


£1497 GBP Small group sessions


The aim of this course is to gain confidence in creating realistic camera-ready injuries with a variety of techniques and products. You will also learn how to apply and blend prosthetics to make them look real and understand the use of research techniques to expand your knowledge and application.

This course is designed to enhance basic skills in SFX Makeup. It is recommended that before taking this course that students have completed our Introduction to SFX Makeup Course or have a basic knowledge of SFX Applications of basic wounds, scars and burns.

This course is taught by industry experts to give you the best insight and practices of the techniques currently being used in top FX workshops.

After completing an SFX Makeup Course at Seventa Makeup Academy you will continue to have access to tutors and industry professionals through our mentoring program.

The program is a perfect way to gain valuable experience with leading professionals in the industry through educational workshops, information from their extensive online library, plus both volunteer and paid work opportunities, not just locally but globally.


This course will expand your knowledge of Casualty and Special Effects Makeup and will equip you will many varied techniques to successfully work in the Film, TV and Theatre Industries.

During the course you shall explore various types of bruising, cuts, scrapes, first to third-degree burns, dirtying down, swelling, scarring, ageing and the positioning, painting and application of silicone flat mould prosthetics.

You will be using industry-approved products to include, gelatine, silicone, sculpt gel, various types of blood, alcohol activated and grease paints to mention but a few.

You will also be taught the most current hygiene and health & safety standards.

Your progress will be recorded via images/video and together with your Diploma Certificate, you will receive a collection of resources and all the images/video taken throughout the course.


→ Introduction to the SFX specialist kit and products
→ Health, safety and hygiene
→ Research techniques
→ Skin diseases and conditions
→ Dirtying down / Period dirtying down
→ Casualty techniques
→ Swelling and bruising
→ Cuts and Scars
→ Burns
→ Ageing
→ Prosthetic application
→ Blending, care and removal of prosthetics


The Casualty SFX Makeup Course awards participants with a Seventa Makeup Academy Diploma Certificate which is fully insurable and allows students to apply professional makeup on private clients for any occasion.


Professional SFX Kit & Tools Included: At Seventa Makeup Academy all products and tools you will need for the course are provided in a kit we have developed for you to use during your course. You also get to keep the kit and tools, so you can continue to practice when your course has ended. Only professional brands are used.


Discounts of 5% are offered on courses when booking additional future courses and a bigger discount of 10% is available when booking 2 or more courses together.

Students are also automatically registered on our Professional Makeup Artist Discount Program for 30% off the Ten Image Professional product range.


Students can complete their skills further by taking our Prosthetic Flat Moulding Course for Beginners or expand your skillset with our Bald Cap Application Course. You could even explore other areas of makeup with one of our Professional Makeup Artist Courses.


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Makeup Course Waitlist for Small Group Sessions

We require a minimum of two participants for courses that offer small group sessions before the course can proceed. If you’re interested in enrolling in a small group session of your chosen course, you can join our waitlist which starts the matching process to match your availability with the availability of others who wish to enrol in the same course.

Alternatively, students always have the option to upgrade their course to Personalised 1-to-1 sessions to proceed with the course dates they have requested.

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Why are some course dates not consecutive? 

The reason for this is usually to line up with a tutor’s availability. We believe that our tutors should be regularly working in the field that they are teaching. So sometimes, this means if a tutor is needed on set or needs dates reserved for jobs in the field we need to allocate course dates around the schedules of our working tutors. After all, isn’t it great that you are going to be learning from someone who is still 100% active in the business, We think so!



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