Makeup Artist Work Experience and Aftercare for Graduates

At Seventa Makeup Academy, your journey extends far beyond the classroom. Upon completing your course, we welcome all graduates to participate in valuable work experience opportunities alongside seasoned Professional Makeup Artists, facilitated through our in-house agency.

While you’ll be responsible for seeking out your own opportunities, rest assured that we guarantee a range of work experience options, including:

  • Shadowing Professional Makeup Artists on assignments
  • Assisting Professional Makeup Artists during jobs
  • Engaging in events, assignments, or upcoming classes/workshops under the supervision of Professional Makeup Artists

The availability of these opportunities varies and is contingent upon factors such as artist schedules, bookings, and your post-course skill level and experience. There’s no fixed timeline for when these opportunities arise.

Moreover, we equip you with invaluable information and recommendations to help you secure work, expand your work experience, and capitalize on networking opportunities to broaden your client base.

Throughout the year, we collaborate with numerous companies, events, and organizations to offer these opportunities. Additionally, we are frequently approached by agencies and companies seeking students or graduates for both work experience and paid positions.

Some of the esteemed clients we’ve collaborated with, providing work experience and paid opportunities for our graduates and students, include Marriott Hotels International, London Fashion Week, Pride in London, Arcola Theatre, Pink Oktoberfest, Amazon Music, Udderbelly Festival, Barclaycard BST, Winter Pride, Sony Playstation, The Chocolate Show, Opera Alegria, Independent Singers, Performers and Actors, among others.

Our credits extend to renowned platforms such as ITV, BBC, FOX, SKY, and C4, where we’ve had the honor of working with luminaries like Ian McKellen, Amanda Donohoe, Samantha Bond, and many more.

Companies, Events and Productions We Have Partnered With:

Whatever role you want to play in the competitive world of makeup, you can become the industry expert who dares to create with a Professional Makeup Course at Seventa Makeup Academy.