Course Enrolment Application

All students are required to apply for enrolment on all courses. Completing an enrolment application does not guarantee a place on a course but allows us to determine your suitability for the course you are wanting to enrol in.

This can be completed either independently or completed together with a Student Development Advisor, either in person or by phone.

When Seventa Makeup Academy accepts your enrolment application you will then be advised what next steps are required to complete your enrolment and secure your place on an upcoming course. Eg. Payments, Finance Applications, etc. This is followed by choosing dates from the course schedules.

Once your enrolment is completed you will be sent a Student Enrolment Letter that contains all the details of your course, including dates, times, location and anything else you will need to know to prepare for your course.

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To Enrol In Any Seventa Makeup Academy Course Please Complete The Enrolment Application Form Below

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