Role: Retail Makeup Artist / Skincare & Makeup Guide

Unleash Your Makeup Mastery and Retail Expertise

At Seventa Makeup Academy, we’re on a mission to empower individuals with the art of self-application makeup and skincare. Our Self-Application Skincare and Makeup Masterclass Experiences cater to non-professional clients, guiding them on a transformative journey towards becoming more confident with their own Makeup and Skincare routines. With a focus on hands-on learning, we unveil essential skills, ingenious tricks, and invaluable tips.

Your Role

We’re seeking dynamic, well-presented, and personable Makeup Artists to lead our Masterclass Experiences on a freelance (as required) basis. Ideal candidates should possess exceptional makeup skills and the ability to work with clients of diverse ages and ethnicities. Thriving in a fast-paced environment, building rapport with clients and team members comes naturally to you.

As a Retail Makeup Artist / Skincare & Makeup Guide, you will:

– Lead Self-Application Skincare & Makeup Masterclasses for clients of all skill levels.

– Provide entertaining and enlightening sessions, drawing from your expertise as a makeup artist.

– Cater to a diverse range of skin types, sharing your knowledge and craft.

– Showcase and introduce clients to our exclusive professional skincare and makeup products, with lucrative commission potential for product sales. 


– Exceptional makeup skills and a passion for the artistry.

– Ability to work effectively with clients from various backgrounds and experiences.

– Retail experience is a plus, as you’ll play a key role in introducing our product range.

– Flexibility in scheduling, with shifts allocated based on client requests, availability, and performance.

– Reliable ability to commute to Chalk Farm, London, NW3 3QE and arrive on time.


– Freelance, part-time position with flexible hours.

– Competitive starting salary.

– Flexitime to accommodate your availability.

– Generous discounts on products.

– Bonus scheme for outstanding performance.


Seventa Makeup Academy is conveniently located in Chalk Farm, London, NW3 3QE.

If you’re passionate about makeup artistry, enjoy educating others, and have a knack for retail, we invite you to join our team. Complete the form below today to explore this exciting opportunity.

Job Type: Freelance, Part-time

Learn more about the Masterclass Experiences we offer here:


Thank you for your application! We appreciate your interest in the Retail Makeup Artist / Skincare & Makeup Guide role. If your qualifications or experience match our requirements, we will contact you for an interview, which may include a makeup test session.