Ten Image Professional – Depigmenting Cream


With kojic acid. Recover your skin’s natural tone. Strong depigmentation and skin tone unifying action.

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With kojic acid. Recover your skin’s natural tone.

Light formulation, very rich in whitening actives, strong depigmentation and skin tone unifying action. It inhibits melamine formation (pigment that gives colour to skin), while whitening skin stains. It contains whitening actives that work in a synergy way to increase the products final effect.

Active ingredients:

Kojic dipalmitato acid: it inhibits melamine formation, tones skin, fights against ageing and lights skin up.

Bearberry extract: vegetable extract very rich in natural arbutin (whitening agent that inhibits melamine formation).

Vitamin C: high antioxidant effect. It inhibits melamine synthesis.

Liquorice extract: antioxidant effect that reduces melamine synthesis.

Instructions for use: to treat specific areas, apply the product directly to skin stains. Or apply the product to the whole face to unify skin tone or reduce freckles, big stains, etc.

Important: after applying the depigmentating cream, it is very important to apply another cream with high sun protection factor, in order to protect skin from sun radiation.

For an optimum result, it is recommended to be used along with CC Cream Nude Touch.



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