Become A Successful Makeup Artist – Here’s Some Tips

Being a makeup artist can be a dream job, getting paid to think about and create new beauty trends while experimenting with different looks and working with fun and exciting clients. However, it takes a lot of hard work and creativity to excel as a professional makeup artist.

The following are some useful tips to help you get started on the correct path to being a professional makeup artist that stands out in the field.

Essential training

Learn everything you possibly can. Make sure you gain essential knowledge on topics such as how to apply makeup in the correct way to achieve the best results for the client, skin preparation, colour matching using colour theory techniques and working with the skin’s tones and undertones, face shapes and correction techniques and most importantly good hygiene practices.

Essential training is the key to knowing the basics and carrying out your professional duties effectively.

Practice and develop your skills

As we all know practice makes perfect and within the world of makeup, this is no exception. Whether you are working from home or on an A-List Celebrity the more you practice the better you will become.

Even if you can apply makeup perfectly on yourself it is completely different to applying makeup on another person. Everyone has unique features with different skin tones, and facial features therefore, undergoing a makeup application course is essential.


Portfolios play an important part in your building and having a successful career. A portfolio show others what you are capable of and showcasing your talent.

There are several ways to build your portfolio, you can photograph work yourself or you can use a professional photographer to really capture the look in its true beauty.

Without a portfolio people will be reluctant to book and pay a higher fee as they cannot see what your capabilities are.

Your portfolio should reflect the brand that you are creating and you can also upload it to your website and on your social media platforms.

Trends and creativity

Constant development of trends and creativity is essential. Makeup is heavily used within the art and fashion world. These are the two areas where creativity and new trends and changing consistently.

To be the best in your field, you must stay up to date and provide the best services for your clients.

Renewal and recycling

The world of makeup is always evolving so ensure that you keep up to date with all the training and essential knowledge that is available.

There are a lot of intensive makeup courses and masterclasses that allow professionals to experience and develop in other areas such as bridal makeup, party makeup and special effects makeup (SFX).

It is good to specialise in different sectors to enhance your skills and offer more services to your clientele.


Networking is essential, you can network using various platforms. Make sure you get online, have a professional website that showcases your portfolio, use social media and find other people who have similar interests and target new client bases.

Also use professional organisations to attend conferences and get yourself well known within the makeup artist community. Always make sure you have business cards to hand out to other professionals and potential clients.

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