Different Types Of Makeup Career Paths – What You Need To Know

So, you have decided you want to be a makeup artist, now you will need to discover the different types of makeup career paths available to find the specialist type of makeup artistry you are excited about and the education path you will need to follow to establish a career in makeup.

As a Makeup Artist, you have the option to focus on one or more specialised fields. Learning and developing your skills will enable you to enter each sector and offer a range of different makeup artistry services as your career develops.

Makeup Artists are the professional’s hiding behind every beautiful look. Whether on the runway, in glossy magazines, on TV or film; makeup professionals are both designers and developers. To achieve your goals to the highest extent you should ensure that you are both educated and skilled in your chosen career path.

A selection of career paths can be seen below; however, you are only limited by your own imagination when deciding what you can do and can be.

Beauty Retail

Many cosmetic brands have skilled makeup artists that have become the face of their brand. For example; Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier who have all started their own companies and beauty brands that carry their name and signature look. Entry-level positions for this career can be found at their counters, stand-alone shops and in major department stores. Starting with a basic beauty and makeup application course is the perfect stepping stone to gain experience in this field.


Makeup artists in the world of fashion are busy, well sought after professionals. They can be found behind the curtain at a runway show or doing touch-ups with magazine photographers. Their skills must be up to date always with the most current fashions and trends. The makeup artists who succeed in this field must be creative and edgy to simulate a particular “look”.

Body and Face Painting

Makeup is an art form which can be displayed on almost any platform, including the human body. Many artists design and apply body paint for events or they can also specialise in face and body painting. Temporary tattoos have also become extremely popular art form in makeup and a skilled makeup artist can design or adjust it to suit the client’s requirement.


The world of curtains and lights demand the necessary makeup for both visual and character interest. Theatre makeup requires a particular skill set for a makeup professional. As the audience sits far away from the actors, makeup is necessary to create the look desired by the director and be visible from a long distance. In theatre work, artists may also be skilled in the complete appearance, including wigs and facial hair.


From TV shows to news anchors, makeup artists can bring an individual to life and create or enhance their character with the power of makeup. Television makeup is the fastest growing market and there is always a demand for artists excelling in this field.

Film and Movies

From basic makeup application to creating a character to suit the films requirements, makeup artists in this sector need to be able to transform an individual into a werewolf or an elderly widow. Makeup techniques in film require a complete understanding of the whole body to mystify, trick and re-create.

Personal Services

Artists can be hired to perform special occasion makeup like a wedding or family photo shoot. It can include anything from makeup for a date night to a night out with your friends. Makeup artists like this can adapt and carry out looks to their client’s specific needs.

Specialised makeup

They can also help teach techniques to individuals that require specialised makeup coverage for example; patients who have unusual scars or deformities.