Makeup Skills are Important (Meaww Interview)

In a conversation with Meaww it was revealed that Seventa Makeup Academy focuses on the makeup skills required to give a person the makeup they need for the hour.

Makeup plays an integral part in everyone’s life. It can form and deform an identity with the stroke of a brush, and the makeup artists at Seventa Makeup Academy know exactly how long the stroke should be.

In a conversation with Juan Lopez Alvarez and Jeff Euen-Gow the founders of Seventa Makeup Academy, Meaww came to know about the aspirations and the anxiety which is invested in developing an identity through makeup.

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Seventa Makeup Academy embraces the diverse use of makeup and aims at spreading its professional understanding and passion for makeup and beauty by providing modern and tailored makeup artist training courses, in order to inspire new talent in the beauty sector.

Seventa Makeup Academy breaks with conventions, giving students the possibility to create and develop their own studying programme and specific makeup skills, based on their interest or specialist career aspirations.

Seventa Makeup Academy develops your talent and ability to be strong, powerful, confident, inspired and focused on an independent career in makeup.

Enrolling in Makeup Artist courses at Seventa Makeup Academy is the first step to launching your career as a Makeup Artist.

Step onto the right track to develop your Makeup Artist education and training journey.

About the Seventa Makeup Academy, Director of Education – Juan Lopez Alvarez

Starting his career in a top Spanish training academy, Juan quickly grew to supporting the founder and developing successful courses before coming to the UK to manage teams and deliver growth at counters with top makeup artist brands. Being part of the early momentum of the revolutionary Charlotte Tilbury artistry range, he was promoted to support skill development and business growth, helping create and deliver training programmes in this ground-breaking beauty company. Having developed his own loyal client list, Juan understands personal service and has poured his multi-layered experience into his own educational venture by founding the Seventa Makeup Academy. Skilled in color and application, Juan understands the customer and the business and knows how to develop would-be artists to their greatest potential.