Retail Skills for Makeup Artists – Pure Beauty Feature

Retail Skills for Makeup Artists, A hot topic across the retail and beauty industry right now.

Check out the September issue of Pure Beauty which is out now and see the full page interview feature with Seventa Makeup Academy‘s Education Director Juan Lopez Alvarez on page 13 where he talks about Retail Skills for Makeup Artists.

We have a small snippet from the interview here:

Pure Beauty: Is it important for retail consultants to have makeup artist skills?

Juan: Yes, most definitely. A good makeup artist will know face shapes, personalities and how to create a harmonious blend of makeup to give the customer the feeling of confidence and beauty. They will know how to work with a customer to create the best version of themselves.

Pure Beauty: What is the secret to successful selling today?

Juan: Exceptional customer service that gives the customer the feeling of empowerment, confidence and trust. A solid knowledge of the products and the method of application. And Passion… An absolute must for a beauty consultant, they must be passionate about makeup and making woman feel they are the best version of themselves.

Pure Beauty: Why did you decide to set up the new Retail Makeup Artist Course?

Juan: I have worked for more than 20 years in retail makeup and I have noticed the struggle the industry faces providing good quality, multi-skilled consultants. More than ever today, the business of retail is hard and has a lot of challenges on the face to face customer level. There is a high demand from customers to interact with salespeople that are willing to go the extra mile to give them the feeling of confidence and trust. The programme was developed to provide solutions to enable retail makeup artists.

Read the full feature in Pure Beauty here: