Importance of Training in Retail – PBL Magazine Feature

The Importance of Training Makeup Professionals in Retail.

Seventa Makeup Academy’s Education Director Juan Lopez Alvarez chats with PBL Magazine about the struggles retailers in the health & beauty sector face to fill particular roles such as ‘makeup artists for retail’.

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PBL MagazineHeads of HR and recruitment, in retail, within the health & beauty sector, will know all too well the struggle to fill particular roles such as ‘makeup artists for retail’- especially starting at ground level. The main issues that lie with most makeup artists are that they do not possess the skills to interact with customers, and hence, are unable to sell and link products to the application process. Likewise, there are also cases where the candidate possesses interactive sales skills linking to products but do not possess adequate makeup artistry skills.

One cannot hope for the brand to make sales when the customer service team is untrained in this art. Therefore, getting trained in the art of selling retail cosmetics in the health and beauty sector is necessary – and there are advantages to doing so for both the employer and brand; and the candidate.

Juan Lopez Alvarez ; head of Seventa Makeup Academy says that “The business of retail is hard and has a lot of challenges on the face to face customer level. There is a high demand from customers to interact with sales people that are willing to go the extra mile to give them the feeling of confidence and trust; however, the cosmetics and retail industry in general lacks the number of staff that provide this extra mile type of service on a suitable level”.

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PBL Magazine Feature

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